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- meet the designers behind emoq

The fabric of dreams

emoq is a series of bedding equipment we have created to deliver the ultimate luxury sleep. How? The answer is simple – quality! From core to cover. But however simple the answer, just as complex are all the considerations that have gone into the design. What is quality - and how do we make sure that exceptional quality can be experienced as a real difference from other quality products? The two designers behind emoq, Christian Bjørn and Kirsten Fribert invited us into their workshop and let us in on the thoughts and ideas that have gone into creating emoq.

The emoq experience

Why would you want to design a duvet when it is going to be covered up anyway? Christian Bjørn answers: “Yes, in the end. But before that, it has been on a shelf in a shop next to other products. It has been looked at and checked out by many different people, both shop assistants and customers. It has been selected, carried home, hugged and felt, even sniffed at before it is spread out on the bed, ready to get its cover on. During its lifetime, its covers will be changed again and again, and every time, its owner will see and feel everything that is special about emoq.”

Beauty makes us happy

Kirsten Fribert: “We have focused on creating harmony between form and content – quite literally, when we talk duvets and pillows! There’s something both inside and outside. Quality is a holistic experience. That’s why the product needs to be great right the way through. This isn’t just something you feel, but also something you should be able to see. It makes people happy to see that something is nicely made, if we can see that somebody has made an effort. It’s a statement about quality that somebody has cared about the design.”

Design in every detail

”emoq is available in four different qualities and we have given the piping different colours that serve to identify quality tiers. The quilt fabric is so finely woven that no lint escapes from the down inside. We have played with the emoq letters and imagined what it would look like if they were thrown up in the air and landed like soft, light down upon the fabric. The colours are so discreet that they can’t be seen through covers – not even white duvet covers. We also wanted to avoid labels that stick out and soon get worn and ugly - so we’ve printed washing instructions and information on the duvet itself instead. But we have kept one label, which we have designed in ultra soft, delicate and washable leatherette.”

A duvet is also for the eyes

With emoq we want to deliver the wonderful feel of a duvet – also for the eyes. emoq is a luxury brand and the challenge has been to translate all the words that we associate with duvet luxury into concrete elements - tactile as well as visual. The exclusive, light, delicate, refined and feminine is in every detail, both in the fabrics and in the design. ”For us it has been a dream job. The only things we were given to start were the name emoq, a quilt in various qualities and a free hand. So we began to play with the different elements. What does a duvet consist of? It seems really simple, but we questioned every detail – canal stitches, edge stitches, colours, labels. We worked with all of them.”

Hundreds of sketches and bits of fabric

emoq speaks to all senses in a discreet and underplayed way, and this simplicity is synonymous with good design. But simplicity is surprisingly hard to achieve. Christian Bjørn: “You always start a project by adding a lot of elements, which you 
then gradually remove. Creating refined simplicity is about finding the essence. It can be a long process, where you go through hundreds of sketches and ideas.” Kirsten Fribert laughs: ”There were bits of paper everywhere with Christian’s sketches. But I work in a similar way too, only with bits of fabric. The emoq colours could not be created on a computer screen. I have at least a hundred samples of fabric with colour tests, dyed the old fashioned way at the print table, before we found the perfect nuances.”
"This was a real dream job to us"
Christian Bjørn & Kirsten Fribert

And then we turned it all around!

When you buy an emoq duvet you get it delivered in an emoq bag. This too is designed to deliver an experience of luxury and quality. Christian Bjørn and Kirsten Fribert tell us about their ideas for the bag: ”Its function is to protect the duvet inside it, but it must be just as exquisite. It is made from a non-woven material and is more robust. That is why we have reversed the design from delicate to sturdy. The colours are darker, in contrast to the light and delicate case of pillow and duvet. The emoq letters appear in clear, golden brown nuances on a dark blue background as a visual statement of durability, combined with elegance and aesthetics.”

Christian Bjørn

Christian Bjørn is an industrial designer who graduated from the Royal Danish Art Academy in Copenhagen. One of the leading figures in Danish design, he has given shape to numerous diverse objects, such as furniture, lamps, door handles, fixtures, letterboxes, windows and carports. His designs are famous across the world and he has received several international design awards, including Die Gute Industrieform, Red Dot Design Award and Norsk Designråds Pris.

Kirsten Fribert

Kirsten Fribert is educated as a textile designer from Design School Kolding. She had an international breakthrough in 2005, when her famous Flower Dot design became part of the CC+ collection at MoMA in New York. Kirsten has designed textiles for various clothes brands, including Baum und Pferdgarten and her interior textiles are available in fabric warehouses and interior shops across the world.